13 Jan

Programs, Week Two

This Saturday marks the beginning of the second week for Nice Turns, the Apprentice Course, and Funatics.

The adult Nice Turns classes will shoot the first round of video so you can get a coaches eye view of how you’re skiing. We’ll follow this up on week 7, to give a comparison of the changes you’ve made in your skiing. Be sure to wear your most fashionable ski attire; after all, “look good = ski good”.

Last week in Funatics we made a number of adjustments to the groups and hopefully are in good shape to continue for the rest of the season. If you have to miss a week please send us a note or email (lessons@schweitzer.com)o that we don’t spend too long waiting for you.

New this year we have an ongoing story to share each week. Funatics was started with the idea of helping kids to learn a variety of aspects  of mountain sports and an active lifestyle (not just better skiing and riding), and we hope the adventures of a friendly moose and bear will serve to bring that to life. It’s posted here and we’ll update it each week.