Tip of the Week

Check here for videos, articles, and web links to expand your Nice Turns experience beyond the once a week session.

Video #11,  posted 2/8/16

Video #10,  posted 1/22/16
These tips on powder aren’t groundbreaking, but they are worthwhile pointers. The comments around 1:21 into it about being patient are quite important.

Video #9, first one of 2016 posted 1/13/16
This may look slow, simple, and easy but it’s pretty  challenging to ski at this speed and make a smooth turn.Try it and see.

Video #8 posted 3/9/15
Here’s a tip… don’t do any of this stuff. A humorous view of our sport, or, a testimony to the lack of judgement we sometimes demonstrate.

Video #7 posted 2/25/15
Tips from New Zealand, they even have the White Pass turn down there (it came from the Mahre brother days and their home mountain of White Pass, Wa). Fairly short clips with brief descriptions of a variety of exercises to hone your skills.

Video #6 posted 2/12/15
Hot off the press (when I posted it). The Alpine Skiing World Championships have been happening in Vail/Beaver Creek, and Nice Turns instructor Pat Murphy has been there helping with course prep. This video isn’t of him though, it’s of a young American girl who spent a lot of time on drills and focused free-skiing to give her a super solid foundation for winning big races.

Video #5 posted 2/3/15
A little bit long but there are some good visual images and the tactics/vision tip at about 2:45 is very helpful. We don’t have a lot of mogul fields at Schweitzer, but you can look for “landings” in a variety of all-mountain situations.

Video #4 posted 1/20/15
A good, straightforward description and demo of clean carving. The shots from the GoPro make it look like there’s a lot of lead change but you’ll notice that they never mention that it’s an important part of dong this. Make sure you don’t over-emphasize it as critical to your success.

Video #3 posted 1/15/15
This one is not very techy at all, but gives some decent images of real students working on a key fundamental of great skiing. They’re not all doing perfect demo’s, but you can tell what their focus is, and the commentary gives a good overview.

Video #2 posted 1/0215
Here’s something useful for our current firm conditions. A couple thoughts as you watch it:

  • He uses the word “push” but you don’t see his skis get pushed across the snow, that’s important.
  • Look closely and you can see that he leaves two clean tracks even as he tightens up the turns.

Video #1 posted December 2014
With the limited terrain we currently have, we thought it appropriate to share this tip for narrow (or crowded) runs.