Parent Info

Parent Information

Morning Drop Off: We know mornings are hectic for families, but could you please make sure that kids have had plenty of food and water to be energized for the day, and also have gone to the restroom before they are dropped off. This just makes classes run smoother. If you are running late Jim is always there at the meeting area to connect the stragglers with their classes and our coaches are instructed to take a lap on the first run and swing by to pick up late arrivals.

After Class Pick-up: We are also trying to improve our pick up system at the end of class. It worries us having everyone standing in the middle of the run by the ski school meeting area as at the end of the day many people come flying down the hill at Mach 1 to head to the lower parking lots or condos and come off the mountain and into the congested area at unsafe speeds. We have asked our instructors to take the kids over to their sign and wait there for parents to pick the kids up. This has worked better but there are still too many parents and students standing in the run replicating bowling pins waiting to be knocked over. So if you could help us and come over by the signs to pick up your children we would really appreciate it. In addition if you would like to have your child ski to your condo or catch the bus, or meet you in a specific place please let your instructor know by giving them a note, or writing us a message from the web form on the right hand side of this page. We want to make sure that kids are safely picked up after class and that we know where they are supposed to be.

Lunches: We hope to have the Caribou room as often as possible for our lunch times, but even that can be cramped so please be sensitive to the space and the coaches wishes before you decide how long to spend at lunch with the kids. Ideally we would love to have you come say hi and check things out and then leave so that we have enough seats for everyone, especially when we have situations like last weekend for the playoff game when we had some space there but had to share it with the general public. This may be the case again for the Super Bowl.

Presidents Day Weekend: Please remember that we take the Presidents weekend holiday off in Funatics.  So we will not have class on February 18th and 19th.