2017 Parent Letter

December 30, 2016

Happy Holidays,

While you’re in the thick of holiday activities we wanted to send a reminder that Funatics starts in a couple of weeks, January 7th & 8th.  Many of you are returning to the program and are fairly familiar with how it runs, but for those that are new this season here is a review of some logistics and details.

-We will meet and form groups at the Snowsports Lesson Meeting Area which is a little past the top of Musical Chairs. The coaches will be standing near a marker pole with a letter or number on it and several other staff will have group lists to help you find where your group is located.

-To make this process a bit easier we have posted a rough draft of the groups on this website. Click here for Saturday, click here for Sunday. for our multi-day programs. (There are still 20-30 kids who don’t have completed registration forms, indicating their ability and/or group requests). In addition I (Jim) suffered a concussion falling on some ice so in my foggy brain I could have made a mistake or two.   If you find any major or minor issues please let me know ASAP so I can get those worked out.  If you don’t see your child in a group please Click here http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CGYDJK9   to send us this info so we can complete the group lists as that indicates that we don’t have the form from you.

-Our target is to leave the meeting area at 9:30. On the first day this is unlikely to happen, but on following weeks please be on time and/or call us if you’re running late (208-255-3070).

-At 3:30 we’ll be back at the meeting area and will wait for a parent/family member to pick up the kids. If you’re comfortable with your kids leaving on their own (to catch the bus, ski to the condo, ski another run by themselves, etc.) please email us or give specific written instructions to myself and the coach.

-The first week or possibly two there will likely be some adjustments that need to be made in the groups so that the ski/snowboard speeds and abilities are compatible. We try very hard to get this all accomplished early in the program so that the kids can better connect to their instructors and make friends for the rest of the program.

-We don’t have a designated drop off/storage area for sack lunches; access to the Caribou room will sometimes be limited by other events. We recommend the lockers and cubbies on the main floor of the Lakeview Lodge, located “behind” the cafeteria.

-Generally we eat in the Caribou Room which is upstairs in the Lakeview Lodge, starting around 11:30. Unfortunately the Caribou Room isn’t big enough to accommodate all the Funatics and their family’s, but you’re welcome to come say “hi” and visit for a few minutes. There are occasionally special events happening in the Caribou Room so on those days we have to free-lance for tables around the lodge.

-Funatics meets every week except Presidents weekend, February 18-19.

-On the last weekend, March 4-5 we will have a pizza and Nastar awards party so no need to bring lunch that day.

-If the weather gets particularly challenging… our policy is that we will continue to have Funatics class as long as lifts are running. We realize you may choose not to come if it’s extra-wintery, but the coaches will put together creative plans to keep the fun happening in spite of Mother Nature.

If at any time you have questions or concerns please contact us at the Ski and Ride Center Sales desk, 208-255-3070, at lessons@schweitzer.com, or by using the “Send us a Quick Message” form on the left side of this website. Although we have to balance a variety of needs and viewpoints, we would much rather hear from you and try to make improvements than have you “deal with it” and be frustrated. I (Jim) will be the Funatics Coordinator again this year. I am on the mountain every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to keep things running smoothly. I look forward to seeing you all again and ensuring you have a great experience!

Thanks again and we’ll see you on the hill.

Jim Nendel (Funatics Coordinator) and The Snowsports School Staff