Apprentice Instructors

We graduated our first class in 2015-16!

The perfect program for kids who are graduating out of Funatics. This program combines clinics on instructing techniques with real life lesson shadows. Participants need to be solid Intermediate level skiers. It is only available for skiers at this time, but we may add a snowboard option in the future if there is interest.

  • Starts Saturday, January 7 and meets for 8 weeks except for February 20, Presidents Weekend. Ends on March 5.
  • 1:00 – 3:30 each day
  • $275 includes a season pass, or $175 without a pass. After October 31 the price is $375/$175. If you already have a season pass we can convert it into this program for some additional savings.
  • Ages 13-17
  • Pre-registration required by December 15. Late registration fees may apply after that, if there is space available.
  • Not available to purchase online, call or email us.

Contact us at 208-255-3070, or
Download a Snowsports School release form to send in.

Description and Overview
The Apprentice Program is designed to be a sort of bridge between Funatics and our Junior Instructor position. There is certainly no requirement that kids are in Funatics before Apprenticing, we’ve just noticed that some of the older kids in Funatics are looking for something different, but still interested in learning. We’ve had a Junior Instructor program for some time, although we don’t advertise it because we already get more kids than we’re able to offer positions to. Every year it’s very difficult to turn kids down who were hoping to get a job with us, so we decided to build this “in between”  program that would keep kids involved as well as prep them for a teaching role in the future. It can also  help them find out if teaching will be as great as they think it is, or if it’s more work then they realized and maybe not the best fit after all.

The curriculum for the Apprentices will be a combination of personal ski improvement, group/behavior  management methods, teaching skills/activities, and lesson shadowing of other classes. It will familiarize them with what’s required for teaching, while also giving them instruction and direction for their own skiing. We’ve scheduled it on the same dates as Funatics (Saturday only) but shortened it to just the afternoon so that the kids could get some free skiing in before class.

The Apprentice age range is 13-17, and to get hired in the Snowsports School they have to be 14 (state law). The overlap is intentional, because most of the Junior Instructors that we hire will be in the 15-16 age range. When it comes to selecting and hiring staff, the kids who have been Apprentices will have an advantage over those who haven’t, partly because we know them better and partly because they will be able to demonstrate better skills for the job. There’s no guarantee of a position, but it definitely is a way to build their experience and resume for getting hired.